It's really difficult to praise someone too much - it often sounds hyped, like "Yeah, that's what they asked you to say". But please believe me, I've tried everything to relieve the pain. So, so skeptical when a friend suggested State 11; took time to even pluck up the courage to an appointment. You present everything about yourself on-line, so as not to eat into the therapists time and you with a one to one on your first visit. The guy, Greg (can't speak for Vic, because mine was physical), is a wizard. You leave thinking "why aren't all doctors as informative and useful as this?"

Greg possesses something and a personal relationship with you that is not taught in medical school. Yet the magical effect is that he cares about YOU. You are not a patient but a person that you can relate to. He really is fantastic and has an uncanny knowledge how the human body reacts and can be healed. Look, I know real pain, broken nearly every bone in my body, replaced hip etc. When you've exhausted everything else, go to Greg and State 11.

No-one else has ever proven themselves, in my opinion, anywhere near their proficiency.

- Jonathan S-G.

"Fantastic support from Greg pre and during some rugby recently, had a really bad hamstring injury that saw me take two months out and Greg stretched it and stripped before theme and it kept me going all game with no issues or niggles. Golden work done by a fantastic guy!"

- Edward James

"Having encountered a posterior knee injury that just wouldn't go away, I sought help and was quickly pointed in the direction of State 11. Feeling a bit pessimistic at first, the iron hands were soon put to good use, good job there was no swear box nearby. Having sorted the knee and a few questions later I remembered an old shoulder injury that I'd lived with for 20+ years, 15 minutes later, simply sorted! The knee has taken a few sessions but we got there...if Rome wasn't built in a day, why should magic (and skill) be any different! Highly reccomended."

- Mark Bunting

“Oh My Word! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I thought I would have to live in pain for the rest of my life but one trip to your amazing hands and I'm not in pain and I can sleep at night! Thank you!”

- Sarah-Jane Hope

“Greg was recommended to me and I am so pleased I went on Saturday to have a back / glute pain looked at (that I had put up with for 3 - 4 years)!! Now I have no pain and feel 10 years younger!! Please make an appointment or message them like I did and you too could be pain free.”

- Kerry Page

"Outstanding. A decade of sciatic pain and tendon problems...boom... 15 minutes into the session and the difference was amazi. I've lived with the back and hip pain daily and never thought for one minute I could feel such a difference so soon. Hopefully one session is enough but I've no issues going back for another as I can't quite believe it's fixed yet! Thanks so much.

- Baz Stewart


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